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    ENIDH's services are permanent structures that provide technical, administrative and logistical support to the activities at ENIDH.

    ENIDH's central services are coordinated by the manager of the college, and focus on its human and material resources management activities in a supporting capacity to the President and other institutional bodies.

    ENIDH's services are:

    Academic Services
    The Academic Services' staff is engaged in the campus life of ENIDH's students.

    Financial Services
    Financial Services is divided into two areas: Accounting and Treasury. The Accounting staff monitor the procedures for drawing up, controlling, implementing and closing the budgets, accounts, and assets of ENIDH. The Treasury staff register payments made by ENIDH's clients, as well as any payments authorized by the Management Board. e

    Human Resources Services
    The staff working in the Human Resources Services support ENIDH's lecturers and non-lecturing personnel's activities as regards the performance of their duties.

    Provisioning Services
    The staff operating in this area are responsible for the purchasing of goods and services under the legal provisions in force, as well as managing ENIDH's inventory and keeping the registry of all movable and immovable assets updated.

    Technical Services
    The Technical Services staff are responsible for maintaining the facilities and green areas of ENIDH in good condition.

    IT Services
    The staff operating in this area are tasked with managing, maintaining, and developing ENIDH's IT services and infrastructures.

    Public Relations Service and Professional Observatory
    The staff operating in this service help to handle all issues related to the relationship between ENIDH and the community, both at national and international level. They are also responsible for promoting, in cooperation with the other ENIDH departments and entities, the support needed for the students' integration into working life, particularly as regards internships and first job procurement. e

    Documentation and Teaching Materials Service
    The staff operating in this service are responsible for providing the library and informational resources necessary for the performance of educational duties, research and continuing education.

    • Regulation of the Service of Documentation and Didactic Material of the Higher School Nautical Infante D. Henrique (link)

    Secretary to the President of ENIDH
    The secretary manages the agenda and institutional relationships of the President of ENIDH.

    Administrative support staff to advisory bodies, course coordinators and scientific-pedagogical units
    The staff operating in this service give technical and administrative support to ENIDH's advisory bodies.

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