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    The Marine Mechanical Maintenance Higher Professional Technical Course (CTESP-MMM) aims at preparing a fully qualified higher professional technician who, either autonomously or included in a team, may execute specific functions in the ambit of mechanical and electromechanical systems' maintenance and repair, namely in merchant, fishing and recreational vessels, port terminals, shipbuilding and ship repair yards, offshore platforms, as well as in the industry and services sectors and related areas.

    CTESP-MMM graduates are also ready to pursue a higher education course, namely ENIDH's Engineering degrees, in which they can earn credits in the scientific areas of the courses.

    Main Activities:
    All maritime, industry operations and related areas in need of professionals with the following skills:
    • Maintain and repair a ship's electrical and electronic equipment, in order to improve its performance and reliability;
    • Articulate and execute maintenance and repair operations of mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment on offshore platforms for oil and gas drilling and extraction.
    • Develop technical relations with equipment suppliers, review specific technological adjustment needs to a given facility;
    • Assess equipment and system needs and develop technical and business procedures required to its purchase;
    • Articulate equipment maintenance programs and plans in maritime and port facilities;
    • Analyse malfunction and structural damages on ships/platforms/equipment and plan and develop the necessary actions to efficiently repair those through careful selection of materials, technological processes, human resources and non-destructive testing, as well as necessary tests to ensure the quality of the repair;
    • Monitor and assess the repair process execution in order to ensure the observation of the project specifications;
    • Lead technical teams to implement the maintenance and repair operations in ships/platforms/equipment components;
    • Transmit suitable technical instructions to mechanics, locksmiths, welders, etc. in order to ensure the correct repair of ships/platforms/equipment components according to the project specifications;
    • Supervise and execute operation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems and air conditioning;
    • Propose corrective solutions to deal with unforeseen changes as regards maintenance and repair of mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment in ships/industrial facilities/ports, namely those with an impact in the technical solutions used, activities planning, and so on.

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