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No âmbito das relações bilaterais entre a ENIDH e a universidade Norueguesa NTNU, enquadradas no Projeto MARineSIM, quatro docentes da ENIDH irão participar a partir de dezembro de 2020 no curso "Training program for Digital Maritime Entrepreneurship" que irá ser lecionado online por docentes da NTNU. Seguidamente, apresenta-se uma pequena nota informativa sobre esta ação de formação.

Training program for Digital Maritime Entrepreneurship

As a part of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry sponsored project, offer establishing a suitable first stage training program for Digitalisation in Maritime Entrepreneurship in Albania.

With the course, Internet of Things (IoT) in maritime 40 hrs, with 7.5 ECTS

This course will also have value for the partners in the Erasmus + program BLUEWBC, and we will also invite UT, UoM and ENIDH.

The total duration of the course is 40 hours with lectures, exercises and discussion on the topics. PhD Ottar Osen and PhD Robin Bye ITC NTNU department of Computer Science and Automation are responsible for the course. They are experienced in IoT in the maritime domain and are very suitable for the task. In addition PhD Rune Volden will be included in the plans and will perform lectures of approximately 2-4 hours. The training program should be  somewhat adapted to target instructor candidates with different background and include cases that could be used at a later stage locally. 

The classes will be taught in 2 half days (each day 4 hours) per week. Considering that this will be a training carried out online either through Teams or Zoom due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, we are anticipating that a stage 2 training is needed at a later stage. At such time Ottar and Robin will be visiting Portugal and conducting a workshop with the instructor candidates, as these need a solid background in order to confidently deliver trainings locally.

Course start in the beginning of December, lectures will start at 1200 local time Norway, 4 hours every day: 2/12, 7/12, 9/12, 14/12 and 16/12. The last 5 lectures will be taught in January 2021

The capacity is a maximum of 20 people.

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