The Higher Professional Technical Courses (in Portuguese Cursos Técnicos Superiores Profissionais or TeSP) are short higher courses, regulated by Decree-law no. 63/2016 through republication of Decree-law no. 74/2006, which regulates the academic levels and higher education diplomas. The TeSP courses are available at ENIDH since 2015-2016.

These courses have a duration of four academic semesters (two years) corresponding 120 credit units (ECTS).

TeSP courses contemplate general and scientific and technical education components, and a work-related training component. The work-related training (internship) has the duration of an academic semester. ENIDH celebrated internship protocols with companies, which guarantee a vast range of possible fields of work.

The conclusion of a TeSP course grants a Higher Professional Technical Diploma, equivalent to level 5 in the European Qualifications Framework.

Holders of a TeSP diploma have access to undergraduate programmes through Special Access Competitions to Higher Education. Many TeSP courses at ENIDH grant a significant number of credits (ECTS), which are valid for undergraduate programmes.

Advantages of TeSP courses

TeSP are taught in a higher education environment by the same lecturers who teach in undergraduate and masters degree programmes, also with access to the same laboratories, rooms, workshops and equipment;
TeSP are courses specially directed to the labour market, with a relevant practical component;
These courses include a one-semester internship, which is secured by ENIDH through protocols already celebrated with different businesses.

Students are allowed to pursue undergraduate courses at ENIDH without prior national examination or admission exams (provided they apply to courses for which it is expected the pursuit of studies).

a) High school graduates or other legally equivalent qualification;

b) Over -23s approved in specially suitable tests to assess higher education attendance capacity, under the provisions of the Decree-Law nr. 64/2006, March 21, amended by Decree-Law nr. 113/2014 of July 16 and 63/2016 of September 13;

c) Holders of a Technological Specialization Diploma, of a Higher Professional Technical Diploma or higher education graduates can also apply to Higher Professional Technical Courses.

Higher Education Access and Admission

Higher education access and admission for holders of a Higher Professional Technical Course (TeSP) is regulated by Decree-Law no. 63/2016.
Holders of a TeSP course have access to undergraduate programmes through Special Access Competitions to Higher Education.

Higher Professional Technical Courses (CTESP) created by ENIDH are the following:
• CTESP-MMM: Marine Mechanical Maintenance
• CTESP-MEA: Marine Electronics and Automation
• CTESP-NIT: Networks and IT Systems
• CTESP-ACR: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

For more information on 2019/2020applications, please contact:

CTESP-MMN: Professora Rosa Maria Marquito Marat-Mendes (
CTESP-EAN: Professor Pedro Daniel Dinis Teodoro (
CTESP-RSI: Professor Ricardo Filipe Sereno Póvoa (
CTESP-CR: Professor Manuel Nogueira (