No âmbito da cooperação associada ao projeto MARineSIM, com financiamento EEA GRANTS, iremos receber na ENIDH os nossos parceiros noruegueses das universidades NTNU e USN, entre os próximos dias 8 e 9 de junho.

De entre as diversas atividades previstas, irá realizar-se a segunda edição da "EEA GRANTS Conference on Marine simulator training and sustainable shipping", que irá decorrer na tarde de dia 8, na Sala de Professores do campus escolar. 

Program of the visit of Norwegian partners (NTNU and USN) to ENIDH, according to the EEA GRANTS project "MARineSIM – Marine training for seagoing courses"

1st day (8 of June)

10h00: Reception of visitors at the College and meeting with departments, councils and courses
10h30: Sectorial meetings with professors of navigation, engineering and management for discussion of further cooperation activities

14h30. EEA Grants Conference on Marine Simulation and Sustainable Shipping (Room 2.12)

Opening of the conference by Mrs. Tove Bruvik Westberg, Ambassador of Norway in Portugal

1st panel - Training and research programs by international partners
  • Henrique Gaspar, Research and hybrid education modelling, simulation and digital twins, NTNU
  • Tron Resnes, Training courses, NTNU
  • Simon Selvaag, Dynamic Positioning, NTNU
  • Harald Godø Gjerdahl, Strategy, NTNU
  • Viktoriia Koilo, Logistics and research projects, NTNU
  • Steven Mallam, Research for non technical skill training, USN
  • Generation of H2 on onboard LNG vessels, Ignacio Fernandez, ETSMN, UDC - Universidade A Corunha
16h15. Coffee break

16h30. 2nd panel – Current status of ENIDH's projects
  • Robotic Sail in IoT network, João Costa, ENIDH
  • USV-enautica1 project, Mário Assunção, ENIDH
  • SWIMU - Swim biomechanical analysis, Pedro Teodoro, ENIDH
  • SMARTSEA project, Rosa Marat, ENIDH
  • SeaSAFER - Simulation of Sea Accidents For Effective Responses, Tiago Carrelo, ENIDH
  • New energy fuels for LNG tankers, Pedro Almeida e Sandrina Pereira, ENIDH
  • Supply Chain Disruption – Ever Given Case Study, Fernando Cruz Gonçalves, ENIDH
  • The Impact of Sustainable Port Practices on the Perception of Local Communities, Víctor Caldeirinha, ENIDH
  • Monitraffic project, Pedro Silveira, ENIDH

18h00. Closing of the conference. Visit to the rooms for new marine simulators (PDP1-MarineSim EEAGRANTS project)

2nd day (9 of June)

Visit to maritime institutions nearby ENIDH's campus:
09h30. DF - Lighthouse Directorate and Lighthouse Museum
11h00. EMEPC - Structure for the extension of Portuguese continental platform
12h00. VTS - Vessel Traffic Service

14h30. Conference about research, industry and administration in maritime sector (Room 2.12)

1st panel – Maritime research and industry
  • Sérgio Ribeiro e Silva, Research projects at CENTEC/IST, University of Lisbon
  • Per Haavardtun, Projects towards green development of ports, USN
  • Nuno Lourenço, Research projects at Colab +Atlantico, Colab +Atlantico research lab
  • Francisco Barbosa, First Portuguese-built fully electric ferryboat, Naval Tagus shipyard
  • Mário Costeira, Environmental & Digital Revamping of Existing Vessels", TecnoVeritas

16h00. Coffee break

16h15. 2nd panel – Maritime associations and administrations
  • Pedro Madureira,The Project for the Extension of the Portuguese Continental Shelf: challenges and opportunities, EMEPC
  • Mário Pinho, The Portuguese Maritime Technologies Industry: Profile and Perspectives and Challenges, Secretary of Naval Industries Association (AIN)
  • Cláudia Lauro, The evolution of port sector, DGRM– Portuguese Maritime Administration
  • Georgios Christofi, EMSA's Virtual Reality Environment for Ship Inspection (VRESI), European Maritime Safety Agency
  • Maria Mineiro, The scope of EEA Grants in Portugal, European Economic Area Financial Mechanism, Focal Point
  • Conceição Santos, The EEA Grants Blue Growth Programme in support of research, innovation and training, DGPM

18h00. Closing of the conference

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