In order to meet the real needs of students, guaranteeing equity in the allocation of social benefits, we promote a social action the favors access to higher education and increases the success in its frequency.
The scholarships is an annual monetary benefit for sharing the expenses with the attendance of a course or the completion of a compulsory internship, awarded by the State.
The scholarship is awarded for a full school year, except in some cases.
The conditions for awarding a scholarship are defined in the legislation currently in force, namely in the Regulation for the Allocation of Scholarship to Higher Education Students.

The application for the award of a scholarship for a school year must be submitted:

• Between June 25 and September 30;
• In the 20 working days after enrollment in the course, when this occurs after September 30.

The application may also be submitted between October 1 and May 31, in which case the amount of the scholarship to be awarded is proportional, considering the period between the month following the submission of the application and the end of the academic period or the internship.

I do not have Portuguese nationality, can I apply a scholarship?

In addition to Portuguese citizens, the following may also apply for a scholarship:
- Citizens who are nationals of Member States of the European Union with the right to a permanent residence in Portugal, and their families;
- Third country nationals:
i) Holders of a permanent residence permit;
ii) Beneficiaries of long-term resident status;
iii) Coming from States with cooperation agreements providing for the application of such benefits;
iv) Coming from States whose law, on equal terms, scholarships equal treatment to Portuguese students;
- Stateless people;
- Beneficiaries of political refugee status.
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