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    Marine Electronics and Automation Higher Professional Technical Course (CTESP-MEA) aims at preparing a technical specialist capable of, autonomously or included in a team, take a specific role in electronics and automation, use and repair the different equipment from different technology generations and include the necessary changes to improve the performance and reliability of the equipment. The main professional fields are merchant, fishing and recreational vessels, port terminals, shipbuilding and ship repair yards, offshore platforms, as well as the industry and services sectors and related areas.

    CTESP-MEA graduates are also ready to pursue a higher education course, namely ENIDH's Engineering degrees, in which they can earn credits in the scientific areas of the course.

    Main Activities:
    All maritime, industry operations and related areas in need of professionals with the following skills:
    • Install, setup and service naval and industrial electrical, electronic and automation systems;
    • Execute maintenance and repair operations of electrical and electronic equipment in floating sea facilities (offshore platforms for oil and gas drilling and extraction – mobile offshore units);
    • Install, setup and maintain the naval and industrial electrical, electronic and automation systems;
    • Provide technical assistance to electrical and electronic facilities and marine and port systems control facilities, taking action in case of malfunctions or defects;
    • Assemble, setup and service automatic systems;
    • Program equipment according to technical specifications;
    • Test monitoring, command and control programs;
    • Use simulation, test and measuring tools;
    • Develop technical relations with equipment suppliers, review specific technological adjustment needs of the company/ship/terminal;
    • Assess equipment and system needs and promote its purchase;
    • Set maintenance programs and plans for electronic and control equipment in maritime and port facilities.

    For additional information, please contact: Prof. Pedro Daniel Dinis Teodoro (

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