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    The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Higher Professional Technical Course (TeSP-ACR) aims at training professionals capable of executing Works Implementation, Follow-up and Construction supervision tasks, Maintenance and Operation/Exploration of cold rooms and HVACs in:
    • Merchant, fishing, river traffic ships, and maritime-tourist vessels;
    • Port terminals, loading/unloading terminals for liquid gas (LNG) and fish storage facilities;
    • Marines and recreational harbours;
    • Cold chambers in port terminals and refrigerated containers;
    • Water infrastructures (fish production in aquaculture, aquariums, fluviariums, among others);
    • Shipbuilding and ship repair work
    • General industries;
    • Shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, hotels among other buildings provided with refrigeration facilities and air conditioning.
    TeSP-ACR graduates are also ready to pursue a higher education course, namely ENIDH's Engineering degrees, in which they can earn credits in the scientific areas of the course.


    CteSP in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration aims at training qualified technicians specially oriented to perform the following general functions:
    • Coordinate, supervise and participate in installation, maintenance and repair operations of thermal equipment, specially refrigeration and/or air conditioning in merchant, fishing, maritime-tourist vessels, and also offshore platforms for oil and gas drilling and extraction, thereby complying with the quality criteria and safety rules applicable to maritime-port activities;
    • Pursue the same functions ashore, namely in domestic, business, industrial and services refrigeration and/or air conditioning systems;
    • Perform maintenance of industrial facilities by using diagnostic equipment, including issuing opinions concerning the condition of the equipment;
    • Supervise teams to implement preventive and predictive maintenance plans;
    • Plan, execute and monitor operations executed in manufacturing technological processes, especially in machining, forming and welding operations;
    • Select the different types of pumps and ventilators and identify the main applications for this equipment;
    • Implement the acquired skills on thermal comfort, psychometrics, air conditioning, refrigeration cycles and refrigerant fluids in facilities;
    • Select the main elements of an air conditioning and refrigeration facility and apply the installation, startup, operation and maintenance procedures for this equipment;
    • Identify, characterize and select the elements in the fluid networks;
    • Apply organisation and management concepts and tools;
    • Design and implement adequate operational modes, work methods and coordinate the management activities as regards human resources and equipment.

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